Biosensor Quality and Technology



  • biosensor fabrication under quality management system
  • reference and counter electrode on chip
  • up to 12 modified platinum electrodes as electro-chemical transducers
  • redundant biosensors maximize analytical reliability
  • photo-patternable nano-composite membranes
  • simultaneous measurement of glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate and pyruvate
  • activity optimum at physiological dynamic range, neutral pH
  • for in vivo and ex vivo applications in whole blood and fermentation broth
  • internal volumes 0.15 - 0.4 µl
  • flow rates used range from 0.1 to 100 µl/min
  • array stability of typically at least one week at continuous operation
  • flow rate sensor on chip
  • rugged low volume fluid connection
  • micro flow-system with nanoliter internal volume
  • all plastics flexible mass producible devices
  • traceability by unique bar code label
  • Optional aspiration line (110 µm o.d. stainless steel tube)
  • Optional integrated static mixers allow online dilution
  • Laminate technology for flexible and customized devices



  • ISO like quality system
  • production fully documented
  • 100% QA functionality testing
  • 100% device calibration
  • unsurpassed accuracy in calibration free use - compared to batch calibration
  • Tracking of individual devices by 2D bar code